Martin Brodeur sets an NHL record he probably doesn't want

Martin Brodeur is the all-time NHL leader in wins and games played, among other things, and Thursday night against Phoenix he set another NHL goalie record. And though it's a testament to just how long he's played, he could probably go without this one.
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The Hockey News

The Hockey News

For years and years through the Dead Puck Era the New Jersey Devils were a trap-heavy team that grabbed opposing offenses and rendered them as helpless as a fly in a spider’s web. Remember the time they held the Toronto Maple Leafs to six shots in a playoff game? Crazy. #1967

So Martin Brodeur’s latest NHL record may be a bit surprising, given how low scoring his era was and how good his teams usually were. But when you play enough games, even if you’re an all-time great, you’re bound to set a record you don’t necessarily want your name attached to. For instance, in Major League Baseball, Cy Young holds both the record for all-time wins (511, which is 94 clear of second place) and all-time losses (316). It’s no coincidence that he also started 42 more games and pitched 1,353 more innings than anyone else.

And Thursday night, Phoenix’s Chris Summers became the answer to a trivia question. When he scored a second period goal on Brodeur that gave the Coyotes a 2-0 lead, the 26-year-old put the Devils goalie in the record book again.

#Devils Martin Brodeur sets record for most career goals allowed in NHL history (2,757)

— Sportsnet Ticker (@SportsnetTicker) March 28, 2014

That’s a newspaper clipping he probably won’t put on the fridge.

At 1,256 games, Brodeur is one of only two goalies with more than 1,000 NHL games played in his career and he’s 227 ahead of Patrick Roy. Brodeur has been having a bad year as far as his career goes, with a .903 save percentage and a 2.49 GAA that stands as his highest since 2005-06, when NHL games were greatly opened up following the 2004-05 lockout.

Over his entire career, Brodeur has a 2.24 GAA, which is tied for ninth-best of all-time with Ken Dryden. As far as modern day goalies go, Brodeur’s career GAA ranks third, behind two European goalies.

Can you guess who they are?

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