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Growing up in British Columbia, I remember always watching

As promised, here is the first edition of the Lucic Mailbag. Thanks to all those readers who took the time to email me and feel free to continue to write in at for future postings.

I'm always interested in how players pick their jersey number. How did you pick your No. 17?

J Purvis

The number I like and used the last three years in junior was No. 27. Obviously 27 was taken by Glen Murray, so I wanted to stay with the No. 7 because I was born on the seventh. So that’s why I use the No. 17.

Thanks for taking the time to blog. What is your workout routine like?

Sherry from Oceanside, Calif.

During the season we play and practise a lot, so we don’t have much time for working out, but we try to fit it in after practices when we have more than a day in between games.

What are the chances of you getting first- or second-line minutes?

Kevin C.

Being a 19-year-old rookie, I think they will keep me with third-line minutes mostly, but if I’m playing really, really well then I might get moved up to the first or second lines. It’s a coach’s decision and something I can’t control.

Enjoy watching you play Milan, you bring a much-needed dynamic to this team. Which of your NHL fights was the toughest so far?

Peter S.

I’d say Raitis Ivanans of Los Angeles because he was the strongest of them all.

I've been privy to watching your whole WHL career, Memorial Cup, Super Series (all live) and really appreciate the way you play. I wish you all the best and would like to know what the exact symptoms of your concussion were.


I don’t really know what the exact symptoms were, but I had loss of memory, headaches for a little while and neck pains.

Looch! You have quickly become one of my favorite Bruins. I love the physicality you bring to the team and hopefully you will continue to show your offensive talent! Since this is your rookie year, have any of the guys pulled any pranks on you?


I wish I could tell you a good one, but no, they haven’t…yet.

You have played on a few different lines this year, which players have you enjoyed skating with the most?

E. Yuhl

All of the players I’ve played with so far have been great, but I feel like I’ve had the best chemistry with Peter Schaefer.

Thanks again to those who wrote in. Talk to you next week.

A native of Vancouver, Milan Lucic is a rookie with the Boston Bruins.



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