Montreal and Boston to play pre-season NHL game in Halifax on Sept. 23

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The teams will face off Sept. 23 in an NHL pre-season game at the Halifax Metro Centre.

Halifax has hosted NHL exhibition games for years, with Boston and Montreal last meeting in the city in 2002.

Scott Ferguson of Trade Centre Ltd., which operates the Metro Centre, said the game is a great opportunity for hockey fans in Halifax.

"When these games leave their primary market and come into another market, it does a great deal of good for the game itself," Ferguson said at a news conference Wednesday. "All the fans for the NHL are not located in those cities."

Nate Greenberg, senior assistant of the Boston Bruins, says fans will enjoys watching the "fun rivalry" between his team and Montreal.

"There's great admiration (between) both organizations," said Greenberg. "Regardless of the scenario - be it pre-season, regular season or post-season - any Bruins-Montreal game is worth the price of admission. Believe me, it's fun stuff."

Event promoter Edgar Goguen said the Bruins first played at the Metro Centre shortly after the venue opened in the late 1970s.

Tickets for September's exhibition game go on sale Thursday morning at a cost of $55 and $70 before tax and service charges.