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NHLer CBA-related tweets

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The Hockey News

Ongoing labor negotiations between the NHL and NHL Players' Association picked up steam Tuesday with the players’ first collective bargaining agreement alternative proposal to the owners. All the while, NHLers have increasingly made their voices heard on Twitter.

Which players have had the most interesting lockout-related tweets thus far? That’s the focus of this week’s THN.com Top 10.

10. Mike Cammalleri (@MCammalleri13)

"Still training hard for the season ahead. Hope Gary Bettman wasn't serious about a lockout. #theplayers @nhlpa”

9. Brian Gionta (@Giostyle21)

“Let's just play hockey!” and “That--let's play hockey was directed at Gary Bettman”

8. Chris Butler (@TheButler44)

“#theplayers have grown the game to the best/most exciting/most profitable it's been, now the OWNERS want their money back. #hedgeyourbets"

7. Gabriel Landeskog (@GabeLandeskog92)

“Owners seem to be focused on another lockout. Players are focused on presenting our @NHLPA proposal on Tues. #theplayers” 

6. Steven Stamkos (@RealStamkos91)

“Our negotiating committee & the @NHLPA staff have put a lot of work into our proposal. #theplayers stand behind it 100%” 

5. Daniel Winnik (@DanWinnik34)

“A lockout is only one option and never a solution #fansdeservebetter #theplayers @nhlpa”

4. Ryan Whitney (@RyanWhitney6)

“#SODOTHEPLAYERS RT @joe_lebouth: @ryanwhitney6 RT this if you don’t want to see a lockout and to trend these hashtags! #WEWANTHOCKEY”

3. Joffrey Lupul (@JLupul)

“The word lockout should be mentioned on Sept 15 and then only. Plenty of time for a solution. Seems like Gary is eager for the “hat-trick”.”

2. Brandon Prust (@BrandonPrust8)

“I wonder how many blocked shots, hits, fights, stitches, broken bones, concussions, and surgerys Gary has had? http://bit.ly/QuwH0q

1. Henrik Lundqvist (@HLundqvist30)

“The @NHL says they won’t play past Sept 15th under current deal. Apparently they don’t like the deal they designed. #CBA #nhlpa2012”



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