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Paul Bissonnette's Blog: Twitter and getting ready for hockey

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Hey fans and followers, Paul Bissonnette of the Phoenix Coyotes here for my first blog entry on Some of you may know me as “BizNasty2point0” from Twitter. I’ll try and update this blog space monthly throughout the season.

My summer started with a little extracurricular activity and just having some fun. I went to Las Vegas twice: the first with a few teammates after the season and the second for a buddy’s wedding - he had his bachelor party there and everything. You can really only stay in Las Vegas for four days before it starts to take a toll on you and we stayed for five. Needless to say, I had to detox a little coming out of that trip.

A lot of attention has been drawn to my Twitter account. Why would a hulking NHL fighter start a Twitter account? I’ll tell you why.

It really started when Scottie Upshall told me I should do it. I thought, “yeah right, that’s pretty lame,” but he would say, “you need to make it fun and it will be.” So I put my own little twist on things. I don’t want to write about the everyday stuff like ‘Oh, I just had lunch’ because everyone does that and who cares?

I have no filter and I like it when I get a rise out of people; that makes it fun. I like to think outside the box and make it fun because that’s my personality. Like Sunday night we were at Jovo’s house and I knew people would wonder, “What’s his kitchen look like?” So I wrote, “Jovo’s kitchen’s bigger than my apartment. More granite.” You think I’m exaggerating? I tell it how it is.

I think fans from all over have followed it and not just those from Phoenix. I’m not getting any more autograph requests or being noticed on the street more than I used to partly because I don’t really post many pictures of myself on Twitter and partly because I’m a fourth-line grinder.

I’m back in Phoenix getting ready for training camp. The warm weather took some getting used to when I first came here and I’m still not completely used to it. Right now it’s just awful. I think summer at home in Ontario is bad and then I come down here and sweat in some of the most uncomfortable and unmentionable regions.

The partying has toned down and Monday to Friday I’m a bit of a loser - on the weekends I like to golf. When we do go out I like to spend time in the Old Town because that’s where all the young folks are...go figure. For eats, I like the Ocean Club from time to time to enjoy a little seafood. When I’m here outside of the regular season, it’s fun to head down to the pool parties at places like The W, Montelucia and Theodore - if you want to head to some fun places with lots of bikini-clad women rocking it, look no further.

With training camp set to open soon, I have a few goals myself. Last season I stayed with the team the whole year, but only played in half the games, so I’d really like to play the full schedule this year. I’d just like to keep getting better and, for you old-school fans out there, maybe even fight a little more.

I think as a team we have more depth on defense and better forwards than we did at the start of last season, not to mention the fact we still have ‘Bryzy’ in net. We all get along, we like to have fun and I think we’re a good team. I just hope we can build on last year, stay in Phoenix for the long haul and give the fans here something to cheer about.

Before I go, in case you haven’t heard I’m a fan of homeless people. Through Twitter I’m promoting the Free Biznasty campaign for the homeless where we sell t-shirts to raise money for homeless shelters. You can buy the shirts through and right now we’re very small and have sold about 40-50 shirts. They cost about $10 to make and print, so we sell them for $25 and all proceeds are to be donated to homeless shelters.

That’s it for now, but I’ll be back in a couple weeks with an update on my season. Until then, you can find me on Twitter, where the unpredictable happens.

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Paul Bissonnette (aka BizNasty2point0) was selected in the fourth round (121st overall) by the Pittsburgh Penguins in the 2003 NHL draft. An Ontario League graduate, where he played with the Saginaw Spirit and Owen Sound Attack, Bissonnette played 15 games with the Penguins before the Phoenix Coyotes claimed him off waivers in 2009. Last season, he played 41 games for the Coyotes, scoring three goals and five points while posting 117 penalty minutes. Bissonnette will blog for throughout the 2010-11 season.