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Penguins' season has greater meaning

The Hockey News

The Hockey News

I am writing this letter to you as we anxiously await Game 5 of the Stanley Cup final and the outcome of the Pittsburgh Penguins’ season remains very much in question.

As much as we all wish for a Penguins championship, I have already been granted the greatest reward, regardless of the outcome.

I am the proud "holder" of two Pittsburgh Penguins season tickets and I wanted to share with anyone who is willing to listen, exactly what this special team means to me.

Having a special relationship with my three children is something that is very important to me and the Pittsburgh Penguins have allowed me to create and maintain an extraordinary bond with my 12-year-old daughter (Bailey) that otherwise might never have been made possible. (Please see the attached picture taken at Game 3.)

I sadly realized my days of Bailey wanting to make the 200 mile round-trip drive to attend Penguin games with her father may one day cease. But, nothing will ever take away the memories the two of us have been able to share.

For this, I want to say thank you. Without your talent and dedication none of this would ever have been possible.

Although we will not be attending any of the remaining games this year, rest assured Bailey and I will be watching on TV and waving our towels as at least one of us realizes how truly blessed we are.


Rob Seib, Titusville, Pa.


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