Peter Forsberg should retire

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At the end of the 1990s Wayne Gretzky was winding down his historic career. He was doing it on his terms. Hockey fans felt the end was near and reminisced about his illustrious career.

All but Peter Forsberg's Dad.

He decided to take shots at the Great One by telling the media that Wayne should retire as he was embarrassing himself and was washed up. Well, yes, Gretzky was no longer the dynamic point getter from his earlier days, but he did go on to rack up 90 points in his second-last season and 62 in 70 games during his last. Not a bad for a smaller, older player in the heart of the clutch and grab era.

If Mr. Forsberg’s comments were allowed to be thrown at the greatest player of all time, why is nobody taking shots at Peter Forsberg the last couple of seasons? This player has held teams at his mercy for the last few trade deadlines and gives nothing in return but extra work for the team doctors.

Can you say groin injury, Colorado?

Forsberg was a great player in his day, but due to his constant injuries and a changed game he should retire.

Gretzky went out with class and Mr. Forsberg's disrespectful comments should have been saved for his son.

Ian Koetsier, Clinton, Ont.



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