PODCAST: The Hockey News Radio Show - Oct. 19, 2012 - The Hockey News on Sports Illustrated

PODCAST: The Hockey News Radio Show - Oct. 19, 2012

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The Hockey News

The Hockey News

In the Oct. 19 edition of THN Radio, co-hosts Adam Proteau and Scott Laughlin open the show with an analysis of the latest NHL labor talks developments and a discussion of when we'll see the league return to action.

In the second segment, THN Editor-in-Chief Jason Kay joins the show to discuss the lockout, THN's story on the prospect of NHL expansion to Quebec City and The Greater Toronto area, and to give an exclusive preview of THN's special edition magazine and book coming soon to newsstands.

In the final block of the show, the Ask Adam mailbag returns and deals with questions on he lockout, a balanced NHL schedule, Wade Redden's future and more.

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