Proteau's Blog: A Boyle rules!

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• Quote of the day: “We could have eight Marty St-Louis' or four Vinny Lecavaliers,” said Lightning coach John Tortorella, “but without Danny (Boyle) there for the transition, we would go nowhere.”

No offense to Boyle, who was passed over for the All-Star Game, but I'll take four Lecavaliers or St. Louis (eight Martys being equal to four Vinnies, of course) over Boyle any day.

• Quote I forgot to include when I first got back from vacation: "It makes the game more exciting," said Senators blueliner Joe Corvo, referring to his candid talk with reporters New Year's Day. "Some guys are programmed to say robot responses, and it's boring. I'm just speaking about how I'm feeling."

Bless you, Joe. Bless you very much.

• Did you watch 24 last night? Did you see the terrorist who, um, hits a very important button at the end of the show? Did you know that was Shaun Majumder, the Canadian comedian who recently wrote an article for The Hockey News detailing the time he snuck into the official team photo for the legends game played outdoors in Edmonton a few years back? It's a shame Majumder's role on 24 hit a dead end. He didn't even have the pleasure of having his neck ripped out by Jack Bauer.

• Kudos to a Montreal-area local hockey association for the three-year suspension they handed down to an ex-pro goon after he threw water bottles, plywood and abuse at a league official while coaching his son's team. There should be zero tolerance for any and all of these shenanigans.


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