Proteau's Blog: Cursin' a blue and white streak

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• You know Mats Sundin is frustrated when he drops an F-bomb in front of cameras and microphones like he did after Vancouver embarrassed Toronto Saturday night at the Air Canada Centre.

Those of us in the media scrum around him looked at each other incredulously and mouthed the words, “did he just swear?” to each other. Yes, yes he did. And if the Leafs can't soon put together any kind of win streak, Sundin could be mistaken for Andrew Dice Clay before the season is over.

• So much for Brendan Shanahan setting the NHL record for the oldest player to score 50 goals. Since getting an empty-netter in Ottawa Dec. 9, the Rangers winger has not scored an even-strength goal in 17 games and has scored just once at even strength with a goalie in net in his last 24 games.

• First hilarious cliché of 24's new season: 8:26 p.m., Sunday, when CTU boss Bill Buchanan tells a terrorist, “You listen to me, you bastards,”…only to be hung up on. Dude, that line never works.

• The Blues had a free food promotion Saturday against the Kings, and shipped in 48,000 hot dogs, 30,000 bags of peanuts, and 67,000 chicken strips to meet the demand.

Keith Tkachuk had a goal and an assist that game. See, it isn't that hard to motivate NHLers after all.

• 24 update: 8:50 p.m. Jack Bauer/Kiefer Sutherland goes all Lost Boys on one of his captors. After that, I kept waiting for Corey Feldman to show up carrying a big wooden stake.

• My Screen Shots mid-term grades columns last week ripped Hurricanes, Capitals, and Predators fans for not supporting their teams at their respective box offices.

In response, I got rebuttal e-mails from Carolina and Nashville, but jack-squat from the U.S. capital. Perhaps the Caps are in bigger trouble than previously imagined.


There's a very good reason why you got nothing from DC. There are no Caps fans here. I'm a transplanted Isles fan surrounded by transplanted Everyone-Else fans. This not a region that knows what hockey is, and nor does it care. The last time I was at Isles-Caps the people in the 100's had no clue what was going on and did not show any genuine interest. When myself and another Isles fan in the next section cheered, they looked at us with bewilderment and disgust. "What are those ghastly people getting so worked up over?" That's what's wrong; they just don't care.

- john