Proteau's Blog: Firing Yawney won't save Hawks

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• The Blackhawks tied the can to poor Trent Yawney yesterday, but I don't expect much to change, even when Marty Havlat returns from that nagging ankle sprain. Denis Savard may turn out to be a competent NHL coach, but he can't score goals anymore. As evidenced by Chicago's horrific offensive output of late (13 goals in nine games this month), that's what ails them most.

• I'll be at the Maple Leafs/Bruins game tonight, so I won't be able to watch the Chris Pronger hate-o-rama in Edmonton. I understand the emotions Oilers fans might have for the star defenseman, but you've got to respect Pronger's willingness to cast himself as the villain in order to make his family happy.

And I guarantee you, if Edmonton had beaten Carolina for the Stanley Cup last season, the outcry over Pronger's departure wouldn't be nearly so nasty. This is mass fury over what might have been for the entire franchise, rather than a referendum on Pronger's character.

• The west coast was not good to the struggling New Jersey Devils, who lost four of five games on their just-finished trip. Making matters worse, the Atlantic Division they play in is shaping up to be the most competitive in the league, with just four points separating the first-place Rangers from the fourth-place Penguins. Fortunately for the Devils, divisions are basically meaningless when it comes to making the playoffs.

• Prison Break rocked out again last night. But there is no better show on TV right now than HBO's The Wire. Do yourself a favor and rent the first three seasons as soon as possible.