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• Quote of the day comes in Mark Spector's National Poststory about Sergei Samsonov's stint with the Oilers last season:

“I introduced myself,” said Edmonton coach Craig MacTavish, “and he said, ‘I'm Sergei, I don't kill penalties. I just want to get that out there.' ”

Yikes. Good luck trading that guy, Bob Gainey.

• People have talked about Sean Avery's marketing potential in New York City, but it's clear he's already been neutered by the hyper-conservative NHL establishment.

“There's certainly been times when I wanted to be opinionated about things, but I just don't think it's worth it at this point,” Avery told the New York Times. “I certainly haven't changed my beliefs, I just don't share it with you guys as much.”

If I'm an NHL marketer and I read that quote, I'm suddenly a very depressed NHL marketer. In a league that desperately needs exposure, Avery's colorful opinions – at least, his non-xenophobic ones – should be encouraged, not repressed.

• Twenty-six NHL teams played Tuesday night. Twenty-two of those teams had at least 25 shots on net. Two of the four that didn't: New Jersey and New Jersey West (Minnesota). It's not a coincidence, people. I'm Adam, and I just wanted to get that out there.


If your going to knock the Devils shots on goal on Tuesday why don't you knock the Sabres for their 17 shots on goal on Saturday. Better yet what about the 6 hooking penalities they took in the game. Can you say clutch and grab?

- Sean



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