Proteau's Blog: Foppa and flops

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• If Peter Forsberg doesn't want to be traded by the Flyers, he's got a strange way of showing it. The star Swede had the go-ahead goal and two points Monday as Philadelphia beat Detroit 6-1.

The victory was only the Flyers' fifth home win of the season and snapped a 13-game losing skid at the Wachovia Center. Does anyone honestly believe Forsberg will re-sign with this team next season? In the words of non-cursers everywhere: Pshaw.

• The e-mails from Bruins fans furious with the Brad Stuart trade keep on comin'. I even got one from my pal (and Aerosmith tour manager) John Bionelli:


About 2 months ago in my blog I wrote about Joe Thornton and how the Bruins and Mike O'Connell made one of the stupidest trades in the club's history. I also wrote that the 3 players they got in return would not be on the club 3 years from the trade. So far, 2 out of 3, my friend.This is absolute (all-caps expletive deleted)! How can teams be allowed to just give guys away? How would the Bruins look with the following (and I know I am going to miss a guy or two):Joe Thornton

Brian Rolston

Bill Guerin

Sergei Samsonov

Sergei Gonchar

Michael Nylander

Mike Knuble

Anson CarterGet a decent goalie (not Raycroft) and they are right behind Ottawa. This is pathetic. Can't someone do something? Hey Jeremy Jacobs: Please Sell!!!!


And people still wonder why the Bruins can't sell out the TD Banknorth Garden for hockey. It's like getting an invite to the Playboy Mansion and then watching Hugh Hefner set up dates between the Playmates and every one of your buddies except for you. Year after year after miserable year.



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