Proteau's Blog: Forsberg's strange decision

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– So Peter Forsberg didn't want to shoot. That's a quality you'd admire in a vice-president, but not your best hockey player.

– That sound you heard in Toronto isn't the sound of Pavel Kubina's knee spraining, but rather, the noose tightening around GM John Ferguson's neck. Four games into the season and already the Leafs can't afford any more injuries, especially on the blueline.

– If I'm a fan in New Jersey or Pittsburgh, I'm printing up 1,000 “Just say no” t-shirts with Forsberg's mug on the back and selling them whenever the Flyers are in town.

– Dear Kari Lehtonen:

That's more like it.


All the people who believed you'd be this good last season.

– This Halloween, I'm dressing up as the 2005-06 Boston Bruins: I'm going to bring along a supermodel for the first half of my route, then swap her for three women from the local “Miss Dairy Farmer” pageant.

– Capitals winger Alexander Semin could score 10 goals a game and won't ever appear on ESPN or any major U.S. channel. Darn you to heck, FCC!

– Or how 'bout a Peter Forsberg bobblehead doll that only shakes its oversized noggin side to side. Or Peter Forsberg Night at the Wachovia Center: Turn down one ticket, get one free. I got a million of ‘em.



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