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• Dear Montreal fans: Sidney Crosby will be an unrestricted free agent in five years. He is well-known for being a Canadiens fan since childhood. If you want to see him wearing a Habs uniform one day, I'd advise against continuing the “faker” chants that could be heard throughout the Bell Centre Sunday when Crosby went down after being clipped in the face by Francis Bouillon's stick. Besides, it's never a good idea to antagonize the guy who'll be leading the league in scoring for the next decade.

• The rumored deal that would send Adrian Aucoin from Chicago to Montreal for Sergei Samsonov and Craig Rivet makes sense – at least for the Canadiens. Aucoin is signed for two more years after this season, while getting rid of Samsonov is a salary dump of Yashinian proportions. As well, with soon-to-be-unrestricted free agent Rivet gone, the Habs would reduce the number of blueline components they must sign in the off-season to Sheldon Souray and Andrei Markov.

On the flipside, Chicago GM Dale Tallon would be dealing away a solid-if-underachieving veteran in return for (a) a less-solid-and-more-underachieving vet with another year left on his deal; and (b) Rivet, who will almost certainly walk away from the Windy City this summer. That's just not enough for someone Hawks coach Denis Savard said was one of his best players during their 4-2 loss to San Jose Saturday.

• When did Glen Sather enter into the witness protection program? I've barely heard a peep out of the normally-never-lost-for-words Rangers GM this year. But he'll likely have some serious ‘splainin' to do when his latest Manhattan Project fails to make the playoffs.

• Lightning goalie Johan Holmqvist beat Rangers counterpart Henrik Lundqvist Saturday in the semi-finals of the first annual Qvist-off Derby. He'll now face Mikael Tellqvist in the final, when the Coyotes travel to Tampa Bay Feb. 13th.


When the refs call six straight minors against one team (some deserved, others questionable), chanting "faker" isn't the best reaction, but one can obviously understand the fans' frustrations..."The rumored deal that would send Adrian Aucoin from Chicago to Montreal for Sergei Samsonov and Craig Rivet makes sense" Are you kidding? Yes, please, bring an overpaid, injury-prone defenseman when we already have eight. Samsonov, while disappointing in terms of point production, has been working well with Bonk and Johnson and didn't deserve to be scratched against Pittsburgh. Ryder or Higgins should have taken the fall. I don't doubt the latter's work ethic and I'm a fan of both Ryder and Higgins, but they both need something to wake them up.

As a Maritmer, sure I'm proud that this Crosby kid made it to the NHL. But, the circus (otherwise known as the National Hockey League) is turning this guy into another "Whine" Gretzky. I wouldn't want him on my favourite team. As for the 'faker' bit, I wouldn't go so far as to say that, but he's definitely an embellisher.

- K


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