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Proteau's Blog: Oilers strike gold with Sykora

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– Most NHL teams could've had Petr Sykora for a song this summer, but only the Oilers stepped up and signed him to a one-year deal. Today, he's tied for third in NHL scoring with six goals and 13 points. If he keeps this up, there will be a few more suitors for his services next year.

– I asked the office of famous Hollywood director Jerry Bruckheimer if he had any comment on rumors he was interested in bringing an NHL team to Las Vegas. Here's the statement that came from his office:

“Mr. Bruckheimer's passion for hockey keeps him interested in all aspects of the sport.”

Glad that's cleared up.

– Speculation has Maple Leafs winger Darcy Tucker wanting a five-year contract. Good for him. I want a Slurpee machine, a Jaguar Coupe, and a tickle contest with Elisha Cuthbert. But for a variety of reasons, I'm not gonna get them. And for a variety of reasons, Toronto GM John Ferguson should bid Tucker adieu if he demands anything more than three years and $9 million.

– The Penguins may be at the top of the Atlantic Division, but their early success hasn't translated to a bonanza at the Mellon Arena box office. Only 13,190 at last night's game against New Jersey? That's a funny way of showing you want to keep the team in Pittsburgh.