Proteau's Blog: Ready to erupt in T.B.

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-After getting smoked by Carolina last night, the Lightning have dropped four of their last five games. Not-so-coincidentally, Tampa coach John “Mt.” Tortorella has been beta-testing a more conciliatory tone, as opposed to his signature “wrath first, questions later” style. But unless goalie Marc Denis bumps that unsightly .888 save percentage up on the quick – yes, he got the hook after two periods against the ‘Canes – it won't matter, even if Tortorella turns into the second coming of Dick Vermeil.

-Note to Molson Canadian advertising people: That “What A Feeling” ad was great. Last year. For the first two months you aired it incessantly. Bringing it back for this season borders on tortuous. I'll buy 10 cases today if you promise to shelf the sucker post-haste.

-I'm in two hockey fantasy pools this year. In both, I took Rangers center Michael Nylander in very late rounds. The guy plays on the Blueshirts' top line and has 10 points in six games so far, but he's treated like the Kevin Federline of the NHL, a barnacle on the S.S. Jagr. I think part of the reason is people say “Nylander”, and can't help but think of Ben Stiller making male model faces.

-The best thing about the NHL this year? For every game that ends 7-6 or 5-4, you get defensive gems like Vancouver's 2-1 win last night. Not only are teams and players unpredictable from night-to-night now, but so are the types of games played. That's a fact that shouldn't go uncelebrated.

-Now that I'm caught up on both series, I want nothing more than a showdown between mega-thug Omar Little from The Wire and Detective Vic Mackey from The Shield. Kinda like a Jason vs. Freddy Krueger movie for cop show aficionados.



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