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• Huge night of NHL action Thursday, including the Maple Leafs/Islanders, Canadiens/Rangers, and, out west, the Avalanche/Canucks and Flames/Sharks.

Might as well kick off spring predictions season with my picks for those games: Gimme the Leafs in overtime, Rangers and Avs in regulation and Flames in a shootout. And whatever you do, don't hold me to it.

• I'm sure punch-loving fans are lapping up the latest poll on fighting's place in the game.

I've never doubted for a second that the majority of hardcore North American hockey fans are game for a good scrap. But remember, at one point in our collective history, the masses bought into lawn darts, Richard Nixon, The Captain & Tennille, and Pyramid Power.

We learned from those mistakes and are better for it today. Gary Bettman and the league should do the same.

• Is former Canadiens, Leafs and Devils coach Pat Burns right? Could Vincent Lecavalier really be the best player in the NHL?

Close, but not for me. I'll take San Jose's Joe Thornton and his plus-22 rating over Lecavalier and his plus-3 any day of the week.

• Only one day left until The Hockey begins running 2007 Women's World Championship diaries from Team Canada's Jennifer Botterill and Team USA's Julie Chu. Both women attended Harvard, which immediately makes them the smartest people to have ever contributed to this site.


Adam, with all do respect toe "joe thornton and his plus-22 rating" , wouldnt you agree that Thornton's sharks boast both stronger goaltending, and a more solid defense corps?

- Mitch



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