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• What a roller-coaster weekend to be a Toronto Maple Leafs fan. First, your team outlasts and eliminates the arch-rival Montreal Canadiens Saturday, in spite of Andrew Raycroft's glove hand and Bryan McCabe in general; then, you watch two glorified AHL goaltenders engage in a shootout duel Sunday to decide whether or not the Buds make the playoffs.

Now that they're out, speculation will run amok about the future of GM John Ferguson. He has certainly made mistakes – even if some were foisted on him from above – but it says here he should get another season to continue remaking the organization into a perpetual talent developer, rather than its traditional role as a talent purchaser.

The practical reality, though, is that even if Ferguson does survive the summer, one early losing streak next year could spell t-h-e e-n-d for him. If that's the case, the NHL will need to replace Colin Campbell on the quick.

• By the way, in case you were wondering (and I'm sure you were): the American League's Toronto Marlies lost to the Hamilton Bulldogs 1-0 in a shootout Saturday night. And incredibly, I wasn't the only person in the building.

• Movie/TV Review Corner: Grindhouse was quite enjoyable, even if I preferred Quentin Tarantino's hilarious Death Proof over Robert Rodriguez's excessively gross Planet Terror.

And the first new episode of The Sopranos had (a) whole lot of dramatic foreboding and (b) a great brawl between Tony and Bobby Bacala, but where the hell was Paulie Walnuts?


Don't try to say that Sopranos episode was watchable..... Sopranos is worse than watching the Flyers vs. Coyotes. - Rob

I've heard it all before, another chance. 87% of Leaf fans of almost 4000 respondants, agreed Ferguson is/was over his head with this job in the last 640AM poll. Only reason he is still there is that MLSE isn't paying him the same as a real GM, so what do you expect??? Too bad time wasted, he has to step down, or let him be in charge of the concessions or something, and Richard Peddie and staffers need to butt out of day to day decisions, it just sucks. I wish I was a retired teacher with some clout.

- Jim Miller

Ahem. The commercials for The Sopranos are better than Coyotes games.

- Matthew Jansens

in spite of bryan mccabe in general? give it a rest already -- i'm harder on mccabe than most but the OT game-winner against philly and the tying goal against montreal, in a game where he was clearly the best leaf defencemen? yeah i don't know how the leafs overcame that burden.

- mike


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