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Proteau's Blog: Slaps and Slappy

Still attempting to dig myself out from the mountain of email I've received from Flyers fans who read my latest Screen Shots column on their team's slim Stanley Cup chances next season.

The majority of them can be summed up, I believe, through one sent from an eloquent gentleman named Mike Farrell:

You suckÂ…



My favorite one, though, came from Jeffrey Poirier, who read the column on

You are allowed to wright for ESPN? What is the world coming to?

Indeed, Jeffrey. Indeed.

Thankfully, there were a handful of folks who perfectly understood my premise. John Schneider was one of them:


Good call on your Flyers article. The recent changes and additions made by Holmgren mean they are a fair bet for the playoffs. I don't see them being serious Cup contenders until/unless the following things occur:

1 – Jeff Carter and Mike Richards realize their full potential – Carter offensively and Richards defensively.

2 – One of their young defensemen (Jones, Coburn, Kukkonen, or Parent) becomes a solid 25 to 30 minute per night player to help Timonen.

3 – They get a right wing to go with Gagne and Briere (I like Knuble, but he is older and can no longer use his size without wearing down over a season, as he showed when he disappeared in the 2006 1st-round playoff debacle against Buffalo).

4 - Biron proves he is a #1 goaltender. I've yet to see that - even in Buffalo.

I live in upstate NY now, but I'm from southern N.J. and a Flyers fan top to bottom. Maybe some Flyers fans will accuse you of blasphemy, but we aren't all like that.


No, thank you, John. Thanks for restoring my faith in humanity – at least, for today.

• I don't know why I wasn't informed of this sooner, but the mascot of the International League's Kalamazoo Wings is named Slappy. Slappy!

Does anyone else find this as funny as I do? I'd go to Kalamazoo games half-expecting to see Pauly Shore or Rob Schneider posing for pictures and hugging the kiddies.


Read the first Flyers article...I read the second article. Guess what? You still SUCK. Cheers! Let's GO FLYERS!!!!

- Peter

Adam - I am also from south Jersey and grew up with the Flyers and agree that the Cup is not an automoatic now in Philly.... they need some help and Goaltending, Goaltending, Goaltending........

- Mark Elia

Hey Adam, in response to your previous article, your main argument was the amount of cup winners the Flyers added this off-season. How many cup winners did the Ducks have last year? One, oh thats right. And how many years pre-lockout did the Rangers go out and spend like they did this off-season, getting "proven" verterans? And how many of those years (during the seven that they didnt make the playoffs) did they win the cup? Exactly. You still suck!

- Brad

I am confused...who exactly has "pre-approved" the Flyers "to hoist the Stanley Cup next spring"? Holmgren, Stevens, Snider et al, have downplayed any talk of a cup run or playoff run. I think the strongest words I have heard from anyone's mouth were "fighting chance" and I believe that was in reference to simply having a better season. Just wanted to know where I should look for this tornado of hype...

- Kristin Shaw



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