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• Nothing like a game against Florida to give an NHL team some confidence. After their 6-0 drubbing at the hands of the Ottawa Senators Thursday, the plummeting Panthers haven't scored a goal in the last 201:21 they've spent on the ice. They've also lost 17 of their last 22 games. It's clear either the coach or the GM has to go.

• The Phoenix Coyotes and L.A. Kings combined last night for seven goals – in the first period! Do you know how rare that is in this increasingly-defensive league? Rarer than me using two exclamation marks in three consecutive sentences, that's how!

• But seriously, what is wrong with Dan Cloutier? Three goals on five shots and another hook job is just more horrendous news in an apocalyptic season for the Kings goalie.

• Not only am I demanding that the NHL pull whatever strings necessary to get blueliners Andy Wozniewski and James Wisniewski on the same team immediately, I also want them to be paired together on the ice and be given their own reality TV show (note: buddy cop series would be an acceptable substitute) and theme song. The Woz & The Wiz. This is can't-miss, Gary B.

• Another line that needs to be created at all costs: Jordan Tootoo, Tuomo Ruutu and Joffrey Lupul.

• If you're a Washington Capitals fan and you watch your team beat the formidable Dallas Stars 4-3 without the benefit of a single point from Alex Ovechkin, you've got to be pleased about the future.


If Columbus is willing, the line that has to be put together is Crosby, Staal and Nash. With this trio I'm sure Lemieux's efforts to keep the team in Pittsburgh would not be Wasted on the Way.

- Matt


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