Proteau's Blog: Time for change

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• After the NHL announced there would be no changes to the schedule format next season, my blood boiled. Even after the outcry the last board of governors vote on the subject was met with, 11 closed-minded teams once again voted to keep the current set-up as-is.

What a joke. Less than 37 per cent of the league once again decided the direction for the other 19 teams that actually possessed some long-term vision for the game. It is truly outrageous, and not in a late-80s Lionel Richie celebratory type of way.

What this shows, more than the selfish lack of vision shown by a handful of teams, is that the NHL constitution must be amended – specifically, as it pertains to the two-thirds majority needed to pass any new proposition.

You can't have the minority dictating to the rest of the league. Make it a simple majority (i.e. 16 teams) for voting procedures and you avoid potential embarrassments like the one that took place in Dallas Tuesday.

• Saw Tom Jones' article in the St. Petersburg Times, in which the former THN correspondent called Hockey Night In Canada's Bob Cole “the best play-by-play guy in any sport,” who “hasn't lost one step.”

No disrespect to either Jones or the broadcasting legend, but if Cole hasn't lost a step, I think we need to redefine the definition of “lost.” Or “step.” Probably both.

• Interesting quote from Phoenix blueliner Ed Jovanovski, who told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel that the Coyotes could take a run at signing his good buddy and former Canucks teammate Todd Bertuzzi when he becomes an unrestricted free agent this off-season.

“I know some significant people (in Phoenix) really like Todd," Jovanovski said. "That's a decision he's going to have to make. (Coach) Wayne (Gretzky) had him in the Olympics. Todd always had his bags packed a few days early when we went to Phoenix. He's always liked the area.”

This news sounds familiar. Oh, that's right, I told you about it in my very first blog entry. See, the sun shines on even this dog's behind every once in a while.


I sent this to our favourite Sports radio personalities in Calgary, Mike Richards Jenna Holbrook of Fan960. They read it on the air. Hi Mike, If we in the West are being ignored by NHL sked makers let's get their attention. Lameorello says they do what the fans ask for, BS. Reebok paid a fortune for NHL rights to new jerseys just so us fans will buy the new replica jerseys. Lets boycott the new replicas till Reebok puts pressure on the league to listen to us. The NHL will listen to their big sponsors and economics obviously gets the East's attention. Most of us have Flames jerseys already so it won't hurt the home team. Hope you like the idea. I'm listening for your comments.

- Ron Gifford