Proteau's Blog: Two tales of Lou

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• Two separate stories today tell both sides of Lou Lamoriello's NHL career. The first, from the always-great David Shoalts of the Globe And Mail, outlines the near-universal respect for the New Jersey GM's on-ice successes. The second, in the New York Times, details the annually-embarrassing lack of sold seats for Devils games.

And no, New Jerseyites, I don't care if there's a new building next year. The Devils may get a momentary bump in attendance from the newness factor that comes with a new building, but after that it'll be back to the same old non-sellouts year after year until Lamoriello begins treating marketing and the media like something more than a lingering crotch rash.

• The Sabres and Ducks both looked as many (myself included) expected they would against the Rangers and Canucks Wednesday night – totally dominant and a level above their opponents. I hedged my second-round picks by picking Buffalo and Anaheim to each win in six games, but if Game 1 is any indication, they could move on to their respective conference finals quicker than that. Much quicker.

• So unrestricted free agent Ladislav Nagy is “open” to returning to the Dallas Stars next season.

I'm sure GM Doug Armstrong is backing up the Brinks trucks as I write this. I'm also sure the Stars would be open to Nagy backchecking, but we all have our disappointments.



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