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– You heard a lot this summer about how the Minnesota Wild would be better because of new acquisitions Pavol Demitra, Kim Johnsson and Mark Parrish. They are better, but let's not forget the contributions of Brian Rolston. The Wild captain has six goals in his last five games, including two last night in Minnesota's 3-1 win over Los Angeles.

Defensively responsible and offensively potent, Rolston is coach Jacques Lemaire's star pupil. But here's the best news of all – he was my final pick in the XM Radio/ fantasy draft.

– If St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Jeff Suppan wants to get involved in the political process, that's great. But the idea a player from the same organization that pretended Mark McGwire was an ideal athlete is now outraged about experimenting on the human body – that's the pitch-perfect embodiment of “selective sanctimony”.

– It's too early to talk about attendance, but we're doing it anyway, Pt. 8: The Hawks drew 11,641 last night. The Ducks, who haven't lost in regulation, had just 13,537 in the building for their showdown with Edmonton. Of course, none of this means anything.

– So Glendale Arena is now Arena. That's a smart move by Coyotes brass, because the way that organization is struggling, many of the players are going to be looking for work very soon.

– Some day, I want to see Robert Lang play for Charles Wang. Or would that be wrong?


Dear Don Cherry Jr.: I didn't know Jeff Suppan played hockey. See, when I went to read your column, I thought I was going to read a hockey column. Instead, I read your sanctimonious (it goes two ways) crap about the NLCS MVP. Suppan wasn't acting on behalf of the Cards; he was standing up for his own convictions. Stick to hockey, chief; avoid politics. Leave the American politics to the Americans.

- Jay Lundergan

Jay Lundergan needs anger management classes. Blog to your heart's content, Adam, upon any and all subjects that capture your fancy. I would like to hear your take on the beating that Darcy Tucker gave to Patrick Eaves. The Senators on the ice should be ashamed of themselves for not stepping in. With few exceptions (Redden, Neil, McGrattan) Ottawa is all talent and no heart.

- D.S.

I appreciate your journalistic skills and all, but please leave the American politics out of your writing. To say that Suppan can't take a stand on something because his team's management has made poor mistakes in the past is plain-and-simple ignorance on your part. And if you knew anything about embryonic stem cell research you'd see that someone injecting steroids into their own body, and destroying another human life for the purpose of "research" are two completely different things.

- R.V.L.


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