Q and A on NHL and Winnipeg: past and present

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WINNIPEG - Some questions regarding the NHL in Winnipeg:

Question: Where did the Jets come from:

Answer: They were a founding team in the World Hockey Association in 1972.

Q: How did they do?

A: They won WHA championships in 1976, 1978 and 1979.

Q: When did they enter the NHL?

A: In 1979 when WHA folded.

Q: Who starred for the Jets?

A: Bobby Hull, Dale Hawerchuk, Teemu Selanne.

Q: What went wrong with the NHL in Winnipeg?

A: Small Winnipeg market, aging arena, escalating salaries, poor Canadian dollar.

Q: When was their last game?

A : April 28, 1996—a 4-1 playoff loss to the visiting Detroit Red Wings before a sellout crowd of more than 15,000.

Q: Were the Jets losing money?

A: They lost $13.5 million during the 1994-95 season.

Q: Where did they go?

A: Phoenix, via a US$65-million sale to Steven Gluckstern and Richard Burke.

Q: Were they attempts to save the Jets?

A: Many. Kids broke open their piggy banks and three levels of government promised to build a new $111-million arena for the team to play in free of charge. But no new local ownership could be found and fans were eventually drained at the prolonged farewell.

Q: Could potential new owners in Winnipeg use the Jets name?

A: It seems so. The NHL is said to own the name and logo.

Q: What would happen to the AHL Manitoba Moose?

A: The American Hockey League isn't saying much other than it "has potential contingencies in place."


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