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Refs ruined battle of the best

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Who were those guys?

I have always been a huge NHL fan and nothing pleases me more than to watch

a great game, oft times referred to as a "barn burner".

I settled into my seat Saturday night to watch the Eastern leaders vs. the Western leaders,

or Senators vs. Red Wings. Just to clarify I am not biased towards either team.

It took exactly 1:28 for the officials to ruin a truly great game.

Firstly, no one had ever heard of the officials who were calling the game. Why would Ron Schick or Kerry Frasier not be covering a game of this magnitude?

As if that was not bad enough, we were treated to numerous infractions on behalf of the Sens and Wings (hooking, holding, interference, etc.) going unnoticed following a rather nondescript first penalty that set the tone for the entire game.

Then after the Wings started to rebound the officials intervened yet again with a totally unjust penalty against the worst bruiser in the league, Nick Lidstrom.

With three minutes to go and the Wings coming alive at least we could have had one period of good hockey, but no! Again they called a completely unjust penalty against possibly the fairest guy in the league. Not only one of the fairest, but the Wings’ best penalty-killer! So of course the Sens win on a power play. What a bust! Anyone who paid $300 to see that game must have been very angry.

Even if you are a Sens fan you had to object to the unfairness and timing of the calls overall.

The NHL needs to instruct their officials to stop deciding the outcomes of these games before every rink is forced to paint pictures of people on their seats to appear sold out.

Randall Holder, Ontario, Canada