Say What?!? - May 27

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"People say, 'Oh, you might come out too hyped up.' Well, I'm a big believer in energy and a big believer in dreaming about things. Wanting to win the Stanley Cup, thinking about it when you go to bed, it motivates you, it inspires you to want to be good on the ice. I don't think there's anything wrong with putting those thoughts in there…what can I do to win the Stanley Cup? I think those are good thoughts."

- Philadelphia Flyers coach Peter Laviolette.



New York Rangers Fire Coach David Quinn

So who does new GM Chris Drury bring in to replace him? This first hire will be crucial for the rookie boss.

Maxime Comtois

Canada Bringing a New Identity to Men's World Championship Team

Canada's roster may not scream "gold medal" this year, but some of the best tournament performances have come from determined groups that were written off from the start.


The Incredible Path of Daniel Walcott

The Tampa Bay Lightning left winger just made his NHL debut at the age of 27 - and reaching his dream did not come easy.