Say What?!? - Oct. 29

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"Energy, physical play, pound the other team...that's what we do. We try to get the boys on the bench going and our crowd going. I like having a smile on my face. Life's short, and too many people are worried about things they can't control. Not me. What I can control is having a smile and dressing up like (wrestler) 'Macho Man' Randy Savage at the team Halloween party.”

- Tampa Bay's Zenon Konopka.



NHL Trade Deadline 2021: Trade Tracker and Analysis on Deadline Day Deals

It's the NHL trade deadline! We're tracking the trades as they happen and breaking down every deal.


Boston Bruins Hope Taylor Hall Can Fix Scoring Concerns

Taylor Hall's season has been rough, but the Boston Bruins hope he can find his old form and address the team's scoring issues. But for Sabres fans, all they can do is wonder what could have been.


Maple Leafs acquire forward Nick Foligno from Blue Jackets and Leave Room For More Deals

The Toronto Maple Leafs have acquired forward Nick Foligno from the Columbus Blue Jackets in a three-team deal that saw them get a veteran forward for 25 percent of his cap hit.