Say What?!? - Sept. 30

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"We have some activities, quite a bit of humor in some of the stuff. A lot of blindfolded stuff so it put people in some uncomfortable situations where you have to trust certain teammates...It's all good."

- Claude Noel, on the Jets team-building exercises



Habs' Prized Prospect Sits Like a Lump of Cole

Cole Caufield was never going to come in and cure what ails the Montreal Canadiens, but it would have been nice to see what he might be able to accomplish. The problem is, it's probably too late for that now.

2019 Rogers OHL Championship Series_53_05

There Will Be No 2020-21 OHL Season

The top development league came close to a return, but was doomed early by provincial officials.


Will There Ever be Another Patrick Marleau?

Debuting as the league's youngest player, producing throughout his 30s and going 12-plus years without missing a game, Marleau rides the perfect storm to the games record. Will anyone ever top it?