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Scandal names

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The scandal involving former NHLPA executive director Ted Saskin and his rise and fall from power is taking on a life of it’s own with each passing news story.

Various hockey personalities from agents to league executives to media members are being mentioned in the growing web of controversy.

It’s beginning to sound like a Hollywood script, which leads us to suggest some labels or nicknames this scandal might one day come to be recognized.

10. My Big Fat Greek Union Scandal

9. You’ve Got E-Mail Access

8. Miller’s Crossing

7. Survivor: The Crook Islands

6. Gary Bettman and the Union Gap

5. Bill & Gary & Ted & Gord

4. (Paul) Kelly’s Heroes

3. The Bad, the Sad and the Ugly

2. Frozen Watergate

1. All The Executive Director’s Men

If you think you can do better, email us your scandal name and we’ll post a best-of-the-rest list in the future.

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