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Senators wanted early ice time before Game 5 but they couldn't get it

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The same thing happened before 5 p.m. local time starts last week in the home rink of the Anaheim Ducks.

The Ducks had a 9:30 a.m. practice and the Senators could have gone on the ice afterwards, but coach Bryan Murray said that would have left insufficient time for his players to properly rest for the big game.

Murray said he would have taken 7 a.m. ice time for his players but ''they wouldn't let us go before them.''

''I thought the NHL would give that allowance to us but that wasn't the case,'' said Murray. ''So, yes, we wanted to practice (Wednesday) morning.

''We would even go out with the officials and play shinny and they wouldn't let us do that.''


TIGHT CONNECTION: Scott and Rob Niedermayer of the Ducks skated into Game 5 of the championship series Wednesday night trying to become the first brothers to win the Stanley Cup together since Brent and Duane Sutter in 1983 with the New York Islanders.


BAD MOVIES: Senators captain Daniel Alfredsson and his teammates have been watching bad movies, and they are in them. In reviewing game videos, sans popcorn, they've seen all the mistakes they've made in the championship series.

''We feel we haven't played a real good game for 60 minutes in the finals,'' said Alfredsson. ''We're looking at some tape and it's pretty obvious that we give them what they get.

''They get easy goals. We feel we can be better. If we can put it together for 60 minutes (Wednesday night), I think the result would be in our favour.''

The team needed to get back home, he added.

''We believe that if we can come home in front of our fans one more time, and we'll be fine. Bring it back to our fans and let them carry us to Game 7.''


GOOD AT HOME: The Ducks haven't just been good at home during the playoffs, they've been great. They were 9-2 in Honda Center going into Game 5 of the championship series Wednesday night.

Since the start of the 2003 playoffs, they were 22-7 at home. In addition, they were 7-0 in series-clinching games at home including 3-0 this year.


CONTENTED COACH: Ducks coach Randy Carlyle was asked if he got a good sleep on the eve of Game 5 with his team just one win away from hoisting the Stanley Cup.

''Slept like a baby,'' said Carlyle.


TIE RECORD: Anaheim had tied the NHL record for most one-goal victories in one playoff year, 12, going into Game 5. The 2003 Mighty Ducks and the 1993 Montreal Canadiens shared the record.


BEST IN LEAGUE: Going into Game 5, the Ducks had the most playoff wins (39) and best playoff winning percentage (.684) in the NHL since the start of the 2003 post-season.

Ottawa was second with 30 wins and a .577 winning percentage.

Since the 2003 playoffs, Anaheim was 13-2 in overtime games. Ottawa was 7-4.



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