Senators Watch: How times have changed

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As the moral victories begin piling up more quickly than the real ones and a playoff spot in the Eastern Conference slips more into jeopardy for the Ottawa Senators, we thought it would be a nice diversion to play a little game called, “My, How Times Have Changed.”

Those of you suffering angst over the Senators current plight can take solace that there were happier times once. For example, remember when…

…all the Senators had to do sometimes was throw on the pads, grab their sticks and let their overwhelming talent do the rest? This is a team now that needs a superhuman effort just to stay in games against mediocre opponents in a mediocre Eastern Conference. My, how times have changed.

…the Senators were one of the fastest and most dynamic teams in the NHL? Now they look very old and slow, with the exception of their young players, who look young and slow. My, how times have changed.

…strong drafting and shrewd trades resulted in the Senators having an embarrassment of riches when it came to prospects in their system? It’s certainly not terrible, but if anyone can find a Senators prospect with top-shelf offensive talent, please let us know. My, how times have changed.

…Daniel Alfredsson was a legitimate threat at both ends of the ice? Alfredsson still plays every game with the same level of determination and professionalism, but his (possible) Hall of Fame career looks to be waning. The effort is there, the results are not. My, how times have changed.

…Jason Spezza didn’t make irresponsible no-look passes at the opposition blueline in overtime? Well, truth be told, he’s always done things like that, but the good things he did have, until recently, outweighed the bad. My, how times have changed. …the Senators played before capacity crowds? The Senators’ attendance numbers have not been this low since they increased the seating capacity to 19,153 in 2005. With an average of just 17,701 at Scotiabank Place so far this season, the Senators are drawing more than 2,000 fewer fans per game than they were in 2007-08. My, how times have changed. …GM Bryan Murray fired his coach and went behind the bench himself? That one might be coming so stay tuned. Perhaps times haven’t changed so much after all.This article was originally published in Metro News. For more hockey commentary, check out Metro Sports.



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