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Send Keith and Seabrook to Vancouver

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As a Blackhawks fan, I am extremely happy to see them back in the playoffs and featuring a young and exciting team that will surely be an elite level squad for years to come.

As a Canadian, I am also glad that they are playing on a nationally-televised stage, so my fellow Canadians can see how great Duncan Keith and Brent Seabrook are and how both should be considered for next year's Olympic Team.

Given the disaster of the 2006 Olympics, I would think it prudent that Mr. Yzerman and Co. look for players who compliment each other and will be effective from the start of the tournament, avoiding the time it would take to click with new teammates.

Given the win-now direness of the tournament, a defensive pairing featuring Keith and Seabrook is in Canada's best interests in 2010.

Their individual play should be enough to warrant serious consideration for the team, but when you look at them in tandem, there is no way in my opinion that they should not be playing in Vancouver.

Michael Raiger, Sarnia, Ont.