Surprising road performers

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The Hockey News

If there’s one misconception that’s being dispelled this season it’s that smaller, softer players are far superior on home ice compared to unfriendly road ice.

We’ve heard the complaint for years. Some people claim skilled European players tend to shy away from getting involved during away games. They shine in front of their home fans, but tend to go missing in action on the road.

The top 10 list this week shows the NHL leaders in positive differential of points on the road versus home. Among the top 50 road scorers this season, here are the 10 that have been more productive in away games compared to the friendly confines of the home arena.

Some critics will find it surprising that the leader – Boston’s Marc Savard – and four others are under six-feet tall, while four of the top five are European-trained players.

10. Brian Gionta, New Jersey (26 road points, 19 home points) Plus-7.

9. Nathan Horton, Florida (30 road, 23 home) Plus-7.

8. Kristian Huselius, Calgary (33 road, 26 home) Plus-7.

7. Patrick Sharp, Chicago (29 road, 21 home) Plus-8.

6. Jarome Iginla, Calgary (44 road, 35 home) Plus-9.

5. Pavel Datsyuk, Detroit (43 road, 33 home) Plus-10.

4. Brian Rafalski, Detroit (29 road, 17 home) Plus-12.

3. Ilya Kovalchuk, Atlanta (42 road, 29 home) Plus-13.

2. Tomas Plekanec, Montreal (38 road, 23 home) Plus-15.

1. Marc Savard, Boston (47 road, 27 home) Plus-20.

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