Suspensions should be eye for an eye

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Sean McDonald, Winnipeg, Man.

I am only 12 years old and have already suffered three concussions through hockey and my worry is how players get away with cheap shots in the NHL.

As everyone knows, there has recently, within the last few years, been a big concern with concussions and other injuries, not just in hockey, but all sports. The thing that worries me is the length of suspensions.

Suspensions should be simple to understand: The offending player should be out the same length of the player they hit's injury. So if they give a player a concussion and the player's out for five months, the offender's paycheck should be cut off for five months and they can't play 'till the injured player is back and healthy.

This will make the players who make about $2 million a year for hitting people rethink their role on the team.


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