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Tanking is for idiots

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I don’t understand what all the hockey analysts on television are talking about.

The NHL draft is fine the way it is. Everyone keeps talking about how teams should tank to get the No. 1 draft pick and John Tavares, but that is not possible.

For instance, I am from Toronto, so Maple Leaf fans would say “lets tank to get Tavares.” If the coaches and FM of the team listened to this advice they would get fired on the spot.

Every coach’s ideology in this league if they want to keep their job is to win, win, and win.

What veteran on a team that possibly tries to tank wants to come back to a bunch of losers.

This will never ever in the history of the league happen. Why would fans come to the arena and buy tickets with their hard-earned money to see a bunch of idiots “play” hockey to get Tavares.

Paul Hudson, Mississauga, Ont.