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The curse of Craig Coxe

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It's now official that the San Jose Sharks are cursed! How? Well, even though the Sharks have a moron (Doug Wilson) for a GM, a gutless wimp (Patrick Marleau) as their team captain, and an overrated bum (Evgeni Nabokov) as their No. 1 goalie, they are not the reasons why the San Jose Sharks are cursed.

There is only one reason: Craig Coxe!

We all know that Coxe was, is, and always will be one of the best and most courageous fighters in pro hockey, but do you know that he is the biggest part of San Jose Sharks history?

How? Well, even though his role was to bring toughness and strength to the club, not to let his boys get bullied, but on Oct. 4, 1991, Coxe scored the first goal in San Jose Sharks history.

Now, when a player makes history for your sports franchise, it's a must that you keep this player, make him captain in time, and when and retire his number.

It's bad luck to trade or get rid of a player who has made history for your team. So, guess what the Sharks front office did?

They put this hero on waivers! If the Sharks kept Coxe and made him the captain once Wilson retired and Kelly Kisio was traded, the Sharks would have won a Stanley Cup or two.

Coxe's courage, toughness, and leadership would have contributed to the Sharks success.

The San Jose Sharks will never win the Stanley Cup all thanks to the Craig Coxe Curse!

Joey Dylan Biase, Berkeley Heights, N.J.