The five most hated types of teammates

Stefan Legein knows the lifestyle and he knows the game. Here, our insider opens up about the guys in the room that drive him nuts
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Editor's note: In a previous version of this story, the accompanying photo was intended to depict the author, former Blue Jackets prospect Stefan Legein. Due to a labelling error at the source, we erroneously posted a photo of another player. The Hockey News apologizes for the error.

Every fan knows the lingo for the categories players fall into on the ice: The rat, the sniper, shut down ‘D.’ We’ve heard them all, but what about looking at players behind closed doors and some of the categories players fall into off the ice? Of course from a player’s perspective you see a very different side of guys when the cameras are off and the fans are home and it's just the guys in the dressing room. Here are the five kinds of teammates that drive me nuts:

The Coach’s Son

This one is pretty self-explanatory and every team has those players. Answers every question, asks every question, him and the coach always have a cute little bond that tends to make most guys sick. They will never miss curfew, or be out ever, and will inform their father of everyone who did. Don't be the coach's son.

The Chisel

There are a lot of terms for the guy who steals assists or goals. But this guy is strictly about points. After a 6-1 loss runs to check his phone to make sure he got that second assist and his plus-1. It's great to want points, but don't steal them. For some of us they are hard to come by. This guy normally has anywhere from one to zero friends.

Can’t Say No

This one also explains itself. Saturday night, three games in three days, but just has to get out one last time to try and squeeze in a last minute sleepover buddy. The funny thing about this guy is he can always handle his business and will never let it show that he is coming off a 48-hour bender working with no sleep and a crappy hotel pre-game nap. Is usually a degenerate gambler as well, taking action on anything he can put his money into.

The Pot-stirrer

First thing in the morning, big smile on their face, loudest voice on the planet getting on everyone about everything. Usually a guy who plays on the fourth line and is a rat. Hate them in the room, but you love them on the ice.

The Rookie

For some reason there is always one rookie who just forgets his brain when he was packing for the season. Late for everything, never dressed properly, always forgets something on the road. Usually accompanied by the fact he gets blackout drunk and says wildly inappropriate things to everyone.

Stefan Legein was drafted in the second round, 37th overall by the Blue Jackets in 2007, and won a gold medal with Team Canada at the 2008 world juniors. He has spent parts of the last eight seasons in the AHL and ECHL. He will be appearing occasionally on


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