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The Hockey News staff returns for the third round of our 2008 playoff predictions.

As always, please note we do not encourage readers to wager a significant amount of money on any writer or editor’s suggestions; they’re for entertainment purposes only, so bear that in mind before you decide to (legally) pony up some cash on one of the final four teams still playing.

If you’re wondering how the in-office rivalry is going, here are the standings so far:

Edward Fraser, Editor: 10-2

Brian Costello, Senior Special Sections Editor: 8-4

Ryan Dixon, Writer/Editor: 8-4

Jason Kay, Editor: 7-5

Ryan Kennedy, Writer/Editor: 7-5

Rory Boylen, Web Content Specialist: 7-5

Jamie Hodgson, Art Director: 7-5

Matt Filion, Designer: 7-5

Adam Proteau, Web Columnist: 6-6

Mike Brophy, Senior Writer: 6-6

Ken Campbell, Senior Writer: 6-6

Caroline Andrews, Publisher: 6-6

Adam Proteau, Web columnist

Pittsburgh over Philadelphia 4-2 – Pens’ power play will be Flyers’ ultimate undoing.

Dallas over Detroit 4-3 – Turco, Morrow the difference over talented Wings squad.

Mike Brophy, Senior Writer

Pittsburgh over Philadelphia 4-2 - If the Flyers take penalties, the Pens will dine out on them.

Detroit over Dallas 4-3 - This has the potential to be a series for the ages.

Ken Campbell, Senior Writer

Pittsburgh over Philadelphia 4-2 - Getting out of the first two rounds in nine games will be crucial to Pittsburgh getting through this grind.

Detroit over Dallas 4-1 - The Stars have been a wonderful story so far, but three straight upsets is too much to ask. Detroit is a playoff juggernaut at the moment and this one won't be close.

Jason Kay, Editor

Pittsburgh over Philadelphia 4-1 - The upstart Flyers either won't be able to consistently contain the Pens or will spend far too much time in the penalty box.

Detroit over Dallas 4-3 - The Wings are superior in nearly every facet, but Turco will keep it close.

Ryan Kennedy, Writer/Copy Editor

Philadelphia over Pittsburgh 4-2 - Malkin won't be slew-footing these rugged Flyers.

Dallas over Detroit 4-3 - Wings haven't faced nearly the same competition.

Ryan Dixon, Writer/Copy Editor

Pittsburgh over Philadelphia 4-1 - Penguins take over Pennsylvania.

Detroit over Dallas 4-3 - Can't wait for this classic, throwback West final.

Edward Fraser, Editor

Pittsburgh over Philadelphia 4-1 - A ton of credit has to go to the Flyers for getting this far, but their run ends against high-flying Pittsburgh.

Detroit over Dallas 4-3 - I made myself dizzy trying to figure out the ins-and-outs of this series, so I gave it to the team with home-ice advantage.

Rory Boylen, Web content specialist

Philadelphia over Pittsburgh 4-2 – Stay out of the box and prove me right Philly.

Dallas over Detroit 4-3 – Great series will be decided by great goaltending.

Jamie Hodgson, Art director

Pittsburgh over Philadelphia 4-3 – Pens’ toughest challenge so far, but they will win this interstate rivalry with spectacular goaltending. (They'll need it!)

Detroit over Dallas 4-2 - Go Wings, got 'em in the pool. The Mule is my new hero, and perhaps the best nickname in sports today. It's time Detroit gets the respect they deserve.

Matt Filion, Designer

Pittsburgh over Philadelphia 4-2 – Lots of firepower.

Dallas over Detroit 4-3 – If Dallas can get more than 20 shots per game they’ll beat Detroit.

Caroline Andrews, Publisher

Pittsburgh over Philadelphia 4-2 - It's all because of Sid the Kid.

Dallas over Detroit 4-3 - I would like to pick a tie, but can't.

Read the THN staff predictions from Round 2 HERE.



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