Publish date: Blog: Goodbye, Dom; Hello, Ron

The Hockey News

The Hockey News

So long, Dominik Hasek. Your unorthodox goaltending style – and even more unorthodox voice – shall be missed.

And whatever you do in retirement, for the love of Pete, stay away from inline hockey games.

Welcome to Toronto, new Maple Leafs head coach Ron Wilson.

I’ve heard mixed reviews about your work (the negative being that some of the younger Sharks weren’t overly enamored of you last season), but after I learned about your belief in the harm overt Canadian nationalism does to the NHL and hockey, I was charmed to say the least.

You’ll probably want to read this to see not every Canuck reporter disagrees with you.

But unfortunately, you’re probably only going to have that belief more deeply engrained in you after working in this city for the next 29 dog years.

And believe me, your new team may resemble dogs more often than not for the foreseeable future.

• I’ve disagreed with the U.S. Supreme Court on a number of its recent decisions – one in particular – but couldn’t have agreed with it more on its choice to side with fantasy baseball leagues in their battle against Major League Baseball and its Players’ Association.

The court’s verdict – basically stipulating that baseball and those who play it professionally are not owed compensation for the use of their names and statistics – is not only fantastic news for baseball fans, but also a nice little shot across the bow of all sports leagues and player unions who wish to soak their customers bone-dry by any means necessary.

The NHL would be wise to embrace the court’s decision and find ways to connect with their fan base free of charge in areas like this. And though I’m sure there are lots of capitalists out there just aching to enlighten me about god-given rights to profit and as much excess as a market will bear, there’s also something to be said for knowing where to pick your sales spots.

• Finally, best wishes to blogger Paul Kukla in regards to health issues currently keeping him away from the computer keyboard. Hopefully a nice little summer break will be just what the doctor ordered.

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