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I don’t care if his withering brand of sarcasm scares off some people; Toronto bench boss Ron Wilson is my kind of guy – and certainly, more deserving of a regular interview segment during the first intermission of Hockey Night In Canada than the man who currently has it.

My knees have been all slapped out this season watching the hilarious attempts by said man to draw Wilson into a public feud. The Leafs coach wisely wants none of that action, preferring to use his platform to focus on issues that work in the best interests of the game.

But if Wilson did ever change his mind and decide to engage Cherry, something tells me it wouldn’t take long for the former Sharks, Capitals and Ducks coach to emerge victorious.

All Wilson would have to do is point out that Wilson’s experience coaching expansion teams or the equivalent – which many believe the current group of Leafs might as well be – has resulted in a far more impressive win/loss record than his tormentor had when he coached either the Colorado Rockies (19-48-13 in 1979-80) or the Ontario League’s monumentally abysmal Mississauga Ice Dogs (11-47-6 in 2001-02).

• Along similar lines, I’d like to update the fighting debate scoreboard: Pierre McGuire 1, Mike Milbury 0.

You know you’ve lost the argument when you need to insert Tiny Tim’s “Tiptoe Through The Tulips” song to underscore your “reasoning” why fisticuffs shouldn’t be curtailed.

As former U.S. President Bill Clinton once noted, when your adversaries can’t argue with your facts, the personal attack route is all they’ve got left.

• A quick correction regarding my Proteau-Type column from THN’s Dec. 29 issue: In a column about the NHL’s unsettled economic future, I wrote that Columbus had a “$10 Super Value Plan (that) permits fans to buy two tickets for games against prime time teams such as the Detroit Red Wings, San Jose Sharks and Chicago Blackhawks for $5 apiece – less than half the price of a standard adult movie admission.”

Actually, the plan allowed fans to purchase two tickets to three games for $150 or $10 a week ($10 at time of purchase and $10 per week over 14 weeks) for an upper bowl seat ($20 per week for a lower bowl seat). Meaning the real ticket price for those Blue Jackets games was $25 a pop. My apologies.

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