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The Hockey News

If the NHL is having problems selling the game in the U.S., maybe they should give this promotion a try:

Kids attending the Central League’s Oklahoma Blazers game Friday night will have the chance to win a cow, lamb, goat or pig.

That’s right. As part of a charity effort, they’re giving away livestock.

“These youngsters will also get a chance to win some pretty good animals at the end of the game, so it should be a lot of fun,” said Ray L. Wulf, president and CEO of American Farmers and Ranchers Mutual Insurance Company, Oklahoma City.

I have two thoughts on hairy tale.

First, we’re only three weeks into 2008, but this is a strong candidate for hockey story of the year and, second, I need to see a CHL game before I die.


As much as the above story made me chuckle, it pales in comparison to the outright laughs I get reading former NHL goalie Jamie McLennan’s blog.

His constant ribbing of Tyson Nash, who accompanied McLennan to Japan to play in the Land of the Rising Sun, is pure roasting gold.

If you haven’t already, do yourself a favor and check it out.


As if Blackhawks fans haven’t endured enough this season with any potential playoff push squashed by injuries to a boatload of players – including stars Martin Havlat and Jonathan Toews…

Sergei Samsonov’s points per game average with Chicago: 0.17

His PPG with Carolina: 1.00



As a fan of the game, I don’t really care if Crosby, or any other player in particular, leads the league in scoring.

But as a fan of money, I’m fully behind Sid the Kid’s plight to claim his second straight Art Ross.

I figured I was about the smartest guy on the planet when, during the summer, I got 4-to-1 odds on Crosby leading the league in points at the end of 2007-08, but early struggles in Pittsburgh and MVP-like seasons from Vincent Lecavalier, Ilya Kovalchuk and Jarome Iginla have made the race too close for my comfort.


Only one day until Cloverfield.

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