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A few thoughts on the NHL’s All-Star weekend festivities:

• Enjoyed the shootout competition, but as many have noted, there is great room for improvement, from the judges to the players to the overall presentation.

Players must understand the concept that they are entertainers from the moment they step on the ice to the time they exit. In other words, check your “aw-shucks-isms” at the door next time, fellas, and kindly break out your jazz hands instead.

And a side note to those putting together the event for next year: If the last name of one of the celebrity judges is Kitsch, you may be tempting fate just a little too much.

• It just wouldn’t be an All-Star Game without commissioner Gary Bettman’s protestations that all – and he means all – is swell in the NHL.

I think the league is missing out on a great moneymaking opportunity with Bettman. They could rent him out – you know, send him to New Orleans, or the Sudan, or parts of Mesopotamia, or Amy Winehouse’s pad – and pay him to declare with great confidence that the outlook in question has never been sunnier.

I’m sure he’d inspire the same level of confidence outside of hockey that he does in it.

• Singer Ne-Yo’s outfit for his second-intermission performance Sunday looked like he got it straight out of MC Hammer’s bankruptcy sale.

And was I the only one paying less attention to his singing, and more attention to whether or not he or one of his dancers would wipe out on the ice?

I doubt it.

• Shame that Atlanta’s public address announcer badly bungled the pronunciation of Anze Kopitar’s name in the introductions Saturday.

But take it from me, Adam Pro-teeeeeeeeew – it surely won’t be the last time that happens to the young Kings star.

Such is life in our phonetically dependent world.

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