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Throwback Thursday: New look for Nordiques, if they stayed in Quebec

Back in 1995, the Quebec Nordiques unveiled a brand new logo and uniform designs, but, of course, they never got to wear them.

'Nordiques will have new look in 1996-97'

April 14, 1995 -- Vol. 48, No. 30

The Quebec Nordiques don’t have a new arena yet, but a new logo and colors are on the way.

When the Journal de Quebec published the Nordiques’ new colors March 30, the team had no choice but to confirm the makeover.

The team’s road jersey will be dark blue with a few lines of teal-like green color, black, white and silver. The crest has a large head of a husky dog with its teeth bared. They will sport their new colors in the 1996-97 and not next season because they failed to meet the NHL’s deadline for a logo change.

As for a new arena, there may be a solution to that problem and it has to do with gambling. The second-most powerful provincial politician in Quebec prefers a lottery to a casino as a way of raising public money to save the Nordiques.

That was one of the topics in a 90-minute discussion March 27 between Quebec’s deputy premier Bernard Landry and Marcel Aubut, the Nordiques’ president and part-owner.

Landry declined to meet with the media after the discussion. But Aubut told reporters of Landry’s leaning toward a lottery scheme.

Aubut has pressed all levels of government for help to keep the franchise in Quebec City. He has repeatedly stated the franchise needs a new venue with more seating and revenue-generating luxury boxes if it is to survive.


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Groups from Phoenix, Denver and Atlanta are reportedly interested in buying and relocating the club if it goes on the market. Aubut said Landry declared he is prepared to do anything to save the club.

“We’ve been received favorably but time is pressing and the agenda is tight.” Aubut said.

“The lottery is what Mr. Landry favors the most, but what he’s saying is he’s willing to do whatever must be done so the Nordiques remain”

Last January, Aubut set an April deadline for the Quebec government to decide whether it will build a new Colisee. The government said it might explore the possibility of a low-interest loan to the team, much as it did with baseball’s Montreal Expos.

When a consortium bought the Expos in 1991, the province lent $18 million toward the purchase.

The Nordiques responded to the loan possibility with a tersely worded statement in which they urged a new arena be built as soon as possible and the government absorb the team’s financial losses in the interim.

Aubut has said he expects the Nordiques to lose about $10 million this year and $12 million next season.



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