U.S. federal court throws out Chelios lawsuit against Saskin, Linden

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The NHLPA said Illinois Judge Suzanne B. Conlon, citing a jurisdiction issue, threw out the lawsuit from Chelios, Trent Klatt and Dwayne Roloson filed against Saskin, former president Trevor Linden and former executive committee members Vincent Damphousse, Bill Guerin and Bob Boughner.

The NHLPA had argued before Conlon that the province of Ontario, not Illinois, was where Chelios should bring any complaints because "the union is based there, most witnesses live there, Canadian law applies and the case would be much cheaper in Canada," the NHLPA said in a statement Monday. Conlon ruled in the NHLPA's favour.

"We are obviously pleased that the court granted our motions to dismiss this lawsuit," Saskin said in the statement. "We have consistently told Chris Chelios and his lawyers that if they insist on pursuing his baseless claims, they should do so in Ontario."

The lawsuit filed last October asked the court to remove Saskin as executive director, alleging he has repeatedly violated the union's constitution along with Linden and other union members. The dissidents charged that Saskin was "improperly elected, he misrepresented salary figures during negotiations, and he illegally diverted tens of millions of dollars in union funds for his own benefit."