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Watch Team Canada’s Jost absolutely roof backhand after perfect pass

Tyson Jost scored the first goal of the World Junior Championship for Team Canada, and it was a backhand beauty after receiving an outstanding pass.
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via TSN/Streamable

via TSN/Streamable

Team Canada, on boxing day, in Toronto, in front of more than 18,000 fans and millions watching across the globe. To say some of the players suiting up to represent Canada might have been dealing with some nerves would be an understatement.

That’s why one of the common refrains from pundits and players alike was that players would need a while to get into the game. Take a hit, throw a hit, get their feet moving and get comfortable. Tyson Jost had a different way to get himself into the game, though, and it included taking a pass, throwing a fake and burying an absolutely gorgeous backhander right up under the bar.

Little more than three minutes into the first game of the tournament, Jost came right off the bench and flew into the Russian zone as defenseman Phillipe Myers — who had a standout start to the tournament — pulled up to wait for reinforcements. As Jost crossed into the zone, Myers made a fantastic pass across the ice onto Jost’s tape, and the University of North Dakota standout did the rest:

Everything about the goal was about as perfect as Canadian coach Dominique Ducharme could have drawn it up, from Jost’s awareness to dash into the open ice to Myers’ pass to the great finish.

Even beyond his goal, Jost, who was drafted 10th overall by the Colorado Avalanche in 2016, was one of the standout players for the Canadians in their first game of the tournament. He didn’t find the score sheet again before the end of the outing, but he was all around the puck on the forecheck, creating havoc just about every time he touched the ice.

Jost and the Canadians will have their second test of the tournament Tuesday night when they square off against the Slovakians in the second day of Group B action.

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