Where's Heatley's loyalty?

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For a hockey player who I had thought got so humbled not so long ago, I find Dany Heatley to have a bad short memory and worse sense of loyalty.

For somebody who should be happy just to be playing the game he loves for a living these days, he's not; in fact, he's displaying the exact opposite through this trade demand by wanting to jump ship from an organization in troubled times.

Short years ago, the organization he now wants to leave is the same one that took a huge risk on Heatley when he was having troubled times of his own; the same organization that just showed even more confidence in him by signing him to a long-term, multi-million dollar contract in the recent past; the organization who very well could have saved his entire career and helped him become the "Dominant Dany Heatley" that a new autobiography claims him to be.

Any sort of loyalty to Ottawa and its fans here is lost on me.

How quickly he forgot, and how quickly we forgot when inside, we knew of the injustice that was occurring. Would we have forgot had it been anybody other than a hockey superstar from Canada?

John Burris, N.S.