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Whoops – Penguins game program bungles Sidney Crosby's name

Sidney Crosby is known worldwide as a hockey icon, but that doesn't mean people and publications always spell his name right – including his own team's game program.
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The Hockey News

The Hockey News

Anyone who has worked in journalism long enough knows that, despite the best efforts of all involved, mistakes happen – and they've certainly happened here at THN. So it's easy to empathize with the error Pittsburgh

Post-Gazette hockey reporter

Seth Rorabaugh discovered on the cover of the Penguins' game program distributed before

the Pens' tilt against Winnipeg Tuesday night. That said, to call it glaring is to understate it. They got the captain's name wrong. Yes, Pens star Sidney Crosby's given name was misspelled.

The Hockey News

The Penguins' game program, with Sidney Crosby's given name misspelled. (image via twitter.com/emptynetters)

This mistake will be giggled at by

those with Crosby Derangement Syndrome, but they have to know he couldn't care less about a simple error.