The Hockey News Podcast: Does the NHL Have a Cap Circumvention Problem?

Does the CBA need a tweak when teams like Tampa can manipulate LTIR to their advantage? Which team is under the most pressure to win in Round 1? And more.
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Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports

Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports

This week on The Hockey News Podcast, with senior writers Ryan Kennedy and Matt Larkin:

- The Tampa Bay Lightning play the LTIR game to perfection and get a dominant Nikita Kucherov back for Game 1 of the playoffs. Should we be mad at Tampa? Mad at the CBA? Neither of the above?

- Which team is under the most pressure to advance past Round 1 of the post-season this year?

- Which non-playoff teams are we the most worried about long term? Which non-playoff teams are we the most optimistic about?

- The Florida Panthers' Sam Bennett gets a one-game suspension for boarding the Lightning's Blake Coleman. Justice served, or too short of a ban?

- Listener mailbag, including: is Jonathan Huberdeau the NHL's most underrated player?

And more!

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