The Hockey News Podcast: Do Last-Place Teams Deserve Better Draft Lottery Odds?

Does the worst team in the NHL need a better shot at the No. 1 overall pick? Why are the Coyotes giving Mitchell Miller another chance? And more.
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This week on The Hockey News Podcast, with senior writers Ken Campbell, Ryan Kennedy and Matt Larkin:

- Were the Arizona Coyotes wrong to draft Mitchell Miller? Does he deserve a second chance for his transgressions or are certain things unforgivable?

- After the GM meeting last week, the NHL still says it’s shooting for a Jan. 1 season start and an 82-game schedule. Do we really believe either of those is possible?

- Some GMs believe the draft lottery odds need to go up for the worst team in the league after seeing Detroit get jobbed. Is that a valid request?

- The Chicago Blackhawks sent a letter to their fans detailing a rebuild, a-la Rangers. Was it the right call? Do they really want to keep their veteran core on board, or could they entertain trades for the likes of Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane at some point?

- The Toronto Maple Leafs have loaded up on older, slower, tougher veterans. Will the strategy pay off next season?

- Listener mailbag, including: Why are so many good UFAs still unsigned?

And much more!

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